Play Dead


Nothinge is the amalgamation of every human personality, every distinct particular feature of the mind. Amplifying the subtle distinct features of human emotion and animalistic behaviour. Since the beginning of its creation, it has been listening to the likes of: The Residents, Severed Heads, James Brown, David Bowie, Suicide, Prince, Ariel Rosenberg, R. Stevie Moore, Jon Maus.

All music is composed, recorded and mixed by Nothinge.
Artwork and Design by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Photography by Valentina Winkl

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1. Don’t It Feel Great

2. A Pretty Fire Between My Eyelids

3. Play Dead

4. Baby’s On Fire (Brian Eno Cover)

5. No Fat

6. Delicate’s Harpy In A Glass Cage

7. No More Parties

8. The Sirens Are Coming

9. Heaping

10. Gold Chains (For Oma)