Max Posthoorn was born in Melbourne (1990), he has been largely based in the eastern suburbia within Box Hill North, a vibrant and lively community, he has continually created works from the age of 18 to the current year in 2018. There has been a large development in the working process, since he has been drawn to further ambiguous territories for creative discovery. Experiential instances within ritual practices created by the self, have informed the further ideas about what it means to have identity, and to think about the liminal state as area for undetermined and unpredictable sensibilities when it comes to visual and auditory works.

The Passage of the Obscurantist, is a work which merges popular contemporary work with the chaotic and open nature of made-up language, to intentionally obscure the meaning of these compositions. Symbolism can be splayed out and recollected, reinterpreted in variations that may never appear to be transparent in nature. In a way, the work signifies the intangible and disembodied presence of creative thought, worming their way into the nameless territories, signifying sometimes abstract works and other times coherent but always primarily ambiguous.

‘Lost Slipper’ is the first single off the long awaited upcoming album ‘The Passage of The Obscurantist’ (Album release due in February 2019)